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The Ultimate Guide to Rug Sizes: How to Find the Right Rug For Your Space

Area rugs and runner rugs are not only essential for your room, but they also decorate the house. If you know what size rug fits your room, it just makes the area look gorgeous and gives an aesthetic vibe. When buying the right area rug, the decision boils down to the exact size! The right carpet size is deciding when considering seamless integration with your home décor. It is essential to match your carpet with existing décor. Here is the guide for you to find out which rug sizes will be the perfect ONE for your home.

Guide To Buy Rug According To Your Room Sizes

Not all the rooms in a house have the same dimension and size, so you need to know which rug sizes are perfect for your room and how you can decorate your room with the perfect area or runner rug. Here, we are providing the standard size chart for the rugs.


Shaped Rug Sizes
  • Area rug: 3 feet x 5 feet
  • Area rug: 5 feet x 7 feet
  • Area rug: 8 feet x 10 feet
  • Area rug: 9 feet x 12 feet
  • Area rug: 12 feet x 15 feet

People mostly prefer rectangular area rugs for their homes. These rugs are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and home offices. You can also use these exquisite rugs for patios and decks.

You can also use the rectangle rugs as full room rugs or as small accent rugs to identify a specific area. Here, you can see the standard area rug sizes:

  • 3’ x 5’
  • 4’ x 6’
  • 5’ x 7’
  • 6’ x 9’
  • 7 1/2’ x 9 1/2’
  • 8’ x 10’
  • 9’ x 12’
  • 10’ x 13’
  • 12’ x 15’
Guide To Buy Rug According To Your Room Sizes

Rug Sizes By Room Dimension

Now, let’s see how your rug size should be according to the standard room size. Here we will see the rug sizes for the living room. 

Living Room Rug Sizes

When deciding to get rugs for your living room, many things need to be considered, like curtains, furniture, room layout, and more. You should always consider your rug to complement your decor, not overpower it and stand out like a sore thumb. Also, consider the right size of rugs for your living room. 

As the main goal is to achieve total decor balance, large area rugs might dominate your room. While small rugs are used as accent pieces. It is crucial to properly match the carpets with your existing decor.

Primarily, living room rugs are the main home decor accessories people look for. Most of the time, living rooms have a 9’ by 12’ size area. But when it comes to deciding on the right rug, you will also need to take note of the furniture layout and the room size.

Living Room Rug Sizes

Choosing the right size rug for your living room is important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Here are some common living room rug sizes and how they can be used:

  • 5'x7': This is a small-sized rug and is great for small living rooms or as an accent rug. It can be placed in front of a sofa or under a coffee table.
  • 8'x10': This is a popular size for a medium-sized living room. It can be used to anchor the seating area by placing the front legs of the sofa and chairs on the rug while leaving the back legs off.
  • 9'x12': This size works well for larger living rooms and open floor plans. It can be used to define separate areas within the living room, such as a seating area or a dining area.
  • 10'x14': This is the largest size rug and works well in spacious living rooms or great rooms. It can be used to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere by covering most of the floor and anchoring the furniture.

The floating furniture layout helps to provide the best outlook for our living room. To pull off this design, you will need to place all the furniture on the rug. But if you like your furniture to stay close to the walls, then use 6’ by 9’ or 8’ by 10’ rugs. You can easily rearrange your furniture so that the front legs rest on the rug only and place any table in the middle.

Rug Sizes For Bedroom

For your bedroom, rugs will help update the entire environment of the room greatly! It helps to make your room attractive and inviting. Carpets will increase the comfort level of your room and help you relax.


Rug Sizes For Bedroom

When choosing rugs for your bedroom, you will need to match the rug with your bed’s length and width. Having the proper dimensions will greatly aid in selecting the right rug for your bedroom layout. If you have a big bed that is close to the wall, then you can easily use a large full-sized rug or 2 runner rugs along the edge of the bed. 

 But if you decide to include a nightstand with your bed, then an 8’ by 10’ or 9’ by 12’ rug size will be perfect for you. This area rug size will provide complete coverage for both the bed and nightstand.

Children’s Room Rug Sizes

The layout of the children’s room is different when compared to the traditional master bedroom. So, when buying rugs for your child's room, you will have to take into consideration a lot of factors.

Choosing the right size rug for a child's room is important for both comfort and functionality. Here are some common children's room rug sizes and how they can be used:

  • 3'x5': This is a small-sized rug that works well in smaller children's rooms or as an accent rug. It can be placed beside the bed, in a reading book, or in front of a dresser.
  • 4'x6': This size is great for medium-sized children's rooms. It can be used to anchor a play area or placed under a desk or bed.
  • 5'x7': This size works well for larger children's rooms or playrooms. It can be used to create a defined play area or as a soft surface for playing games.
  • 8'x10': This is the largest size rug and works well in spacious children's rooms or playrooms. It can be used to cover most of the floor, providing a comfortable and safe space for kids to play and explore.


Children’s Room Rug Sizes

A 6’ by 9’ will be the perfect size rug to cover two-thirds of the child’s bed and still have space to place a nightstand and have extended space for your child to play on. But if you are using a twin bed, then, a 6’ by 9’ or 8’ by 10’ sized carpet will be the best.

Dining Room Rug Sizes

For your dining room, you can use rugs to create a beautiful frame to fill in with your dining furniture. These rugs need to be large enough to accurately hold a dining table and its chairs perfectly. The rugs also need to have enough spacing for the chairs to be backed up and sat on. This will prevent the chair legs from scratching the floor surface.

  • 5'x7': This is a small-sized rug that works well for a smaller dining area or a breakfast nook. It can be used to define the dining area and anchor the table and chairs.
  • 6'x9': This rug size is great for medium-sized dining rooms. It can be used to create a cozy and intimate dining space while providing enough room for the table and chairs.
  • 8'x10': This rug size works well for larger dining rooms. It can be used to anchor the table and chairs while also providing enough space for guests to move around the table comfortably.
  • 9'x12': This is the largest size rug and works well for grand dining rooms or open-concept spaces that incorporate a dining area. It can be used to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere by covering most of the floor and anchoring the furniture.
Dining Room Rug Sizes


The 9’ by 12’ rugs are the best to easily have sufficient spacing for a seven-piece dining table set to effortlessly sit on top of it comfortably. But, for small apartment houses, you will need to find the perfect carpet that has the right proportional size for the dining space. A bistro dining set can easily fit over a 4’ by 6’ round rug and provide a great outlook! 

Halls and Entryway Rug Sizes

The hallways, corridors, and entryways require a different type of carpet setup. Commonly, rugs are used to complement your furnishings, but here the main focus goes on the rug itself. The most popular type of layout for these areas is to place furniture against the walls leaving the center empty to place the carpet.


Halls and Entryway Rug Sizes


When placing the carpet, you need to have a minimum of 6" spacing around the entire carpet to help it stand out and be eye pleasing.

  • 2'x3': This is a small-sized rug that works well for narrow hallways or small entryways. It can be used to add a pop of color or texture to the space and can also help to prevent slips and falls.
  • 2'x6': This size is great for long hallways or narrow entryways. It can be used to create a sense of direction and flow while also protecting the floor from dirt and debris.
  • 3'x5': This size works well for wider hallways or small entryways with a larger footprint. It can be used to anchor the space and provide a soft and welcoming surface for guests.
  • 4'x6': This is a larger size rug that works well for spacious entryways or foyers. It can be used to create a grand and welcoming entrance while also protecting the floor and adding visual interest.

When it comes to the hallway, corridor, or entry, you can still implement the same styling effect and place a narrow rug that has enough spacing between the furniture and the rug.

Stairway Styling Rug Sizes

The stair runner rugs help to provide a grip when walking on them. This also helps to give the stairway a stylish and attractive look while being very safe. The most common stairway length being used is 27 inches, but there are also other sizes available.

Stairway Styling Rug Sizes


When doing the calculation for the right stair runner, please consider these points. Multiply the number of steps by 19 to get the total vertical riser (8") and horizontal tread (approx. 12").

  • Divide by 12 to convert the length to feet.
  • Add 8 inches for each additional riser.

 As an example, a 21’ stair runner roll is enough to cover a stairway with an average of 13 steps. If your stairs have 90-degree turns, you will need to add more feet. 

Laundry, Bath, and Kitchen Rug Sizes

An average bathroom has an overall dimension of 17" to 21" in width and 24" to 34" in length. So measure the full room and the open floor space to get the best rug size and shape for your bathroom.

Kitchen rugs help to add warmth and style to your kitchen. Various types of carpets provide different types of benefits that greatly help your kitchen. Some carpets and mats are made to provide the ultimate comfort to your feet when standing. For a small kitchen area with considerable foot traffic, you can choose a small area rug to place in front of the sink. But for a large galley kitchen or laundry room, you can easily utilize runner area rugs.

Laundry, Bath, and Kitchen Rug Sizes


Rug pads are a safety essential for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. These rug pads help keep your rug in place and prevent you from slipping at any point. 

Round and Oval Rug Sizes

Round or oval rugs provide a functional accent and outline a specific area in bedrooms, dining rooms, and entryways. You can find round rugs with a diameter of 4’, 6’, 8’, and 10', and for oval area rugs, you can also find a 9’ diameter mat. 

Round and Oval Rug Sizes

Shaped Rug Sizes

Specially custom-shaped area rugs help make your room stand out and provide a unique design, too. Shaped rug sizes refer to rugs that are not rectangular or square in shape. Instead, they are designed in various shapes such as the circular, oval, or even animal shapes. These rugs are often used as decorative accents in a room and can add a unique touch to a space.

The sizes of shaped rugs can vary depending on their shape and design. For example, circular rugs can range in diameter from a small accent rug to a large area rug. Oval rugs may come in standard sizes, such as 5'x8' or 8'x10', or they may be custom-made to fit a specific space.

Shaped Rug Sizes

When selecting a shaped rug, it is important to consider the size and shape of the room, as well as the placement of furniture and another décor. A well-chosen rug can bring together the design elements of a room and create a cohesive and inviting space.

These area rugs are both useful and have distinct appearances.

  • Octagonal rugs can give a vintage or modern feel to an area. They are eye-catching in foyers and living rooms. Octagonal rug sizes for rooms come in 4', 6', and 8' shapes.  
  • Square rugs work well in large rooms and help define seating areas. They also work beautifully in square rooms. Square rugs come in 4' x 4', 6' x 6', 8' x 8', and 10' x 10'.  
  • Hearth or semi-circle rugs are types of scatter rugs. These rugs are small and often come in striking patterns. Hearth rugs come in 2' x 4', 3' x 5', or 4' x 6' sizes. 


There are numerous types of area rugs available in many different sizes and shapes. The most common type of area rug is a rectangular-shaped carpet that has a size of 8’ by 10’. Area rugs are mainly used to highlight your living space and make it very attractive and eye-pleasing.  

In the entire post, we have gone through the size of the area rugs, what size rugs we should use in our home and different rooms, and how the perfect size rugs can help you to decorate your house even better. We hope this post has been useful to you. If yes, please share this post with your friends. You can also let us know your opinions in the comment section. Also, for any queries, please mail us at

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