How to increase the lifespan of your area rug

How to increase the lifespan of your area rug

An area rug is a serious investment. As such, you should know how to increase and maintain the lifespan of your area rug.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in area rugs for your home. It offers a foundation to the floorplan and also spruces up the aesthetics. They come in a wide variety of designs and attractive colors, they also provide a soft, cozy, and warm feeling under the feet, especially in the winter. Moreover, it improves the quality of the air inside by trapping dust and pollen. The problem arises when you notice that an area rug is beginning to look shabby, worn out, and not clean as it should be. This is a common situation in every home, especially those with children and pets. This write-up tells you how to increase the lifespan of your area rug. Please read on:

11 things you can do to extend the lifespan of your area rug.

Vacuum clean the area rug regularly

Dust and dirt are the greatest enemies of an area rug. Cleaning with a household vacuum on a weekly basis keeps the rug clean and extends its lifespan. It is highly recommended to research the rug type and learn its individual needs, that will ensure that you are doing it properly. Many people do not think to vacuum the backside of an area rug and you will certainly find a lot of dust waiting there for cleaning. So, clean both sides of the rug.  Also, make sure not to vacuum the fringe!

Rotate the area rug regularly

Rotating the area rug is a very underrated important step in extending the lifespan. Experts claim that it's best to rotate the area rug once or twice a year. Although, it would be even better to rotate it every one to two months, especially in high traffic areas. Swapping the area rugs between rooms is also a good idea since swapping will ensure uniform wear and tear, and will slow down the fading process due to exposure by bright sunlight.

Use outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs have been getting more popular for indoor use. Although these hybrid rugs are for outdoor use, they are equally good indoors. They are fashion-forward, lend a unique ambience, suitable for high-traffic areas, softer, stain-resistant, and are a breeze to clean. As a result, they help to reduce the dragging of dirt inside and on the indoor rug. One may also think of implementing a no-shoes policy at home, that will also help the rug to last longer.

Store properly

A very important and forgotten step before storing away a rug is hanging it. Hanging the rug for several hours, before storing, helps it get rid of any moisture buildup. It is also better to clean rugs professionally when storing them in climate-controlled rooms since it will prevent mildew.

Do immediate spot cleaning

Food and wine spillage are the most common causes of spots on an area rug. Never delay cleaning the spots should a spill happen. Clean up the solids and take a dry cloth to dab the stain to soak the liquid. Then wash the spot with plain water or a pot cleaning solution. In case the spot does not go, call a pro!

Use padding

Some put an area rug on hard floors like ceramic, hardwood, parquet, tiles, vinyl. Some also put them on a fully carpeted floor. Whatever may be the case, it is better to use padding for many reasons. It will lend a thicker impression to the area rug and will also be more comfortable. Moreover, inserting a pad beneath the area rug will prevent it from sliding, and the chances of injuries will be minimised. Pads are mostly quite affordable and they let the area rug breathe and further improves the lifespan.

Air the area rug out

Moisture buildup affects the area rug in several ways. It helps the growth of mold and mildew, and also gives off bad odors. So, you should hang it for several hours at least twice a year. Never forget to do this every time the rug has moisture contamination!

Minimize dirt

Keeping the dirt and grime away is one of the best ways to maintain your area rug. You can place a doormat at all entrances. They will prevent people from dragging extra dirt inside. Also, clean debris regularly from the floors.

Stop stains before they start

As in other spheres of life, an ounce of prevention is more worthy than a pound of cure when it comes to maintaining an area rug. Always be cautious and try to prevent spills of soda, wine, and beverages. Just keep them in the kitchen or areas without an area rug.

Block sunlight

The summer brings in the risk of sun bleaching. If you do not attend to this, it may cause serious fading over time. Check the orientation of the room and find out where intense sunlight hits, then place the area rug where it will have less sunlight. If this is not possible, then consider adding curtains, coating the windows or any window treatment that helps with shade. In extreme cases, one must consult a professional rug cleaning company for rug protectors.

Hire a professional cleaner

Despite all regular cleaning efforts, professional cleaning is necessary to extend the lifespan of your area rug. They can deep clean the rug in ways that the regular household vacuum cannot do. Thus, your area rug will be free from deep set dirt and stains that erode the rug fiber. Usually, one needs professional cleaning at least once a year. But if you have family members with allergies, respiratory problems, or have pets, you must consider getting it done more frequently. It will go a long way in area rug maintenance.

Summing up

Proper care and maintenance extend the lifespan of your area rug and help to avoid significant investments.  Now that you know these ways, follow them for a clean and bright home.
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