5 Best-Selling Rug Design Trends of 2022

5 Best-Selling Rug Design Trends of 2022

Home decor trends are constantly fluctuating throughout the years. This includes rug trends, especially because rugs are often used as a staple accent to complement home decor. 

For those who like to keep their home decor up-to-date with style trends, it’s always a good idea to do your research on what is trending during a certain season or year. 

Here we have a list of the top 5 best-selling rug design trends of 2022, according to design experts. 

Classic Vintage

Traditional style rugs are very much still in style. If anything, vintage rugs are more popular than ever with searches for traditional rugs increasing above other styles since last year. 

Vintage rugs often have a timeless feel to them, and they can really stand out in any room of the house, adding character to your decor. 


Geometric style rugs are very popular because of the modern and artsy vibes they present. Geometric rugs are widely showcased alongside neutral, minimalistic furniture to really make it pop.

Geometric style rugs add a lot of dimension to a room, and can be the perfect final touch you may need to wrap your decor up with a pop. 


Shag rugs are versatile in the way that they can be styled in almost any room and be used for various purposes, whether that's for comfort, style, or warmth.


This style of rug is still very lush and chic, while adding a touch of comfort to any room. Shag rugs look good in any size because of the texture.

Bold & Electric

Retro, bold styles are also trending this year and although it is more on the wild side, these colorful rugs can really add luxury to a room with basic decor. 


Pairing a rug like this with red accented decor gives a room the right amount of color without being too much. 

Neutral Tones

Despite the wild, daring trends from above, neutral colors and styles are still in style. With many people being at home the last few years, experts have found that light, warm colors are comforting.


 The best part about having a neutral toned rug is being able to pair it with virtually any kind of furniture, whether they are colorful, dark, or light pieces. 

We hope this style guide has helped you make the right choices when it comes to trending rug designs in 2022! Remember to try different designs throughout the year and swapping out rugs when you want to change up the look of your home.

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