Count on our years of expertise in the rug industry to help you choose the perfect rug size for your home. From the cozy Living Room, elegant Dining Room, and practical Kitchen, to the serene Bedroom, functional Hallway, and even outdoor spaces, we've got you covered.

Living Room

When selecting a living room rug, factor in your furniture layout and explore different arrangement options. In an open floor plan, the rug serves to delineate the space and enhance acoustics.

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  • 9'x12' Rugs & Larger

    For a spacious 12'x18' living room or an open floor plan area, a 9'x12' rug is an ideal fit. This size provides ample coverage for most furniture arrangements, accessories, and decor, creating a cohesive and unified look in your space.

  • 8'x10' Rugs

    In an 11'x13' room or larger, or within an open floor plan, an 8'x10' rug is a perfect choice. For a defined living area, aim for a layout that leaves a 12"-18" border of flooring around your rug for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement

  • 6'x9' Rugs

    In an 11'x13' or smaller living room, a 6'x9' rug is optimal, leaving approximately 2 feet of flooring bordering the rug on each side for a balanced and proportional look.

  • 5'x7' Rugs

    In a small and cozy living room, the perfect addition is a 5'x7' rug, seamlessly fitting beneath a coffee table or in front of a fireplace. Arrange two comfortable chairs almost entirely on the rug for an inviting and snug ambiance.

  • 4'x6' Rugs

    For a snug fit in a small apartment-size living room, opt for a 4’x6’ rug, providing generous floor coverage. It also complements medium-size living rooms, fitting neatly under the coffee table with the front legs of the couch resting off the rug for a stylish touch.

  • 3'x5' Rugs

    Enhance your living room with a 3'x5' rug, offering both comfort and style to your favorite relaxation spot.

Dining Room

A useful guideline is to choose a rug that's four feet larger than your dining table, ensuring ample space for all dining chairs to comfortably sit on the rug, even when pulled out.

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  • Large Table (8 seats)

    For a dining table accommodating eight or more, opt for a 9'x12' rug or larger, providing ample space for all chairs to comfortably sit on the rug when seated.

  • Medium Table (6 seats)

    For a dining table set for six, the ideal rug sizes are 8'x10' or 6'x9', providing sufficient space around the table for easy movement of dining chairs while ensuring they remain on the rug.

  • Small Table (4 seats)

    For a table set for four, you can float the table and chairs in the center of a 6'x9' rug for a cozy arrangement.


When choosing the perfect rug size for your bedroom, take into account the size of your bed. Many opt for a large area rug under the bed, which serves as the room's focal point. 

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Kitchen Rugs

When selecting a kitchen rug, keep your space's size and layout in mind. Opt for practicality by placing the rug in front of the sink area. Discover our range of runner rugs, featuring sizes such as 2'x5', 3'x5', 2'x6', 2'x8', 2'x10', 2'x13', 2'x15', and 2'x20', ensuring a perfect fit for any kitchen.

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Hallway Rug Runners

We understand that hallways vary in length and width, which is why we offer a wide selection of runner rugs in various sizes. Our standard widths include 2' and 3', with lengths ranging from 5', 6', 8', 10', 13', 15', to 20'. This ensures you find the perfect fit for your hallway, whether it's short or long.

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