If you have a question in your mind about why rug pads are important and ‘should I use them’, our answer is, yes, you should. It is quite sure that you will wish to have better comfort on your floor and leave a pretty touch too. If so, then using rug pads is the most comfortable, durable, and safe solution.

Read further to know why you shouldn’t skip rug pads and the benefits of using them.

What is the purpose behind using rug pads?

So, what is a rug pad? It is a layer of material that gives a cushion between the floor and the rug. A good quality rug pad is said to be the one that offers a great layer of protection and thus helps in preventing wear. And this means it is providing longer life to both the floor and the rug.

If you add a rug pad below your rug, it is just similar to creating a good foundation for your rug. Of course, no house or building can be strong without a good foundation, right? And so is the reason to use a rug pad.

How does a rug pad protect your floor and you?

If you have been filled with a questionabout why rug pads are important and think that it is not so important to spend significant dollars on buying a rug pad, you are wrong. No one wants to have their precious amount of time spent on maintaining rugs. And if you too are among the one, yet you want it to be kept in good condition without so much effort, just go a step ahead and buy a rug pad. Rugs that are without a pad may lead to slip-around, but fortunately, you have an option to avoid that – using rug pads.

By using this cushion-type material underneath the rug, you are giving a firm base for it. That means the rug will stay in place and your floor is well-protected from excess wear and tear. Moreover, a right-quality rug pad can help in avoiding any accidents that may happen due to slipping or buckling. Thus it helps in keeping you and your family safe.

Why rug pads are important and what are their benefits?

No area rug can be complete without a rug pad. If you wish to know the benefits of having a pad for the rug and how using it is a smart choice, here are the advantages listed for you.

Protects your floor

It is very common in the areas to get accumulated dirt and debris over some time under the area rug. As these materials are erosive and cause friction, they tend to make wear in the floor area. By having this cushioning material under the area rug, you help in preventing the contact of grime with the floor. So the possibilities that the dirt and other materials cause scratches, blemishes on the floor are highly reduced.

Adds comfort

Just by placing a pad beneath the rug, you add extra comfort and a richer and softer feel to the rug. The features such as soft, padded design and quality that come with a great pad can help in adding a good comfort to you that you can feel on any area rug.

Keeps your rug clean

A rug pad is capable of serving as a barrier for fungus, odors, and moisture. As this allows better air circulation for the area rug, you can eradicate the chances of the formation of fungus. Furthermore, you can also avoid the build-up of dirt and debris under the rug.

No matter how great quality area rugs you use, they are susceptible to grime and mold over a long time. With the help of a rug pad, you reduce the chances of this collection of dirt and debris. And it is good to say thanks to these pads as they come with a breathability feature.

Extends the life of rugs

Since this pad gives a solid foundation for the area rugs, the rug is not going to have direct contact with the floor. This means your rug is protected well from wear-away over time. The frictions that are caused regularly to the rug will be drastically reduced and thus it will help in extending the life of area rugs.

Protection for you and your family

A significant benefit that you can gain by using a rug pad is you avoid area rugs from shifting around and slipping away. So you and other family members can feel easier to walk over on the rugs. This means this pad is going to give an overall safer environment for your entire family.

Types of rug pads

You can get different material rug pads. Though the differences that are carried by them are difficult to describe, it is sure that they will leave major impacts on their performance. If you ask which rug pad can be the best, then the probable answer is it is based on the rug style and the expected purpose from it.

Natural Rubber

These kinds of rug pads are obtained from rubber tree sap. It is considered an eco-friendly and healthier substitute for PVC material.

Memory Foam

It is the material used in pillows and mattresses and this type gives you a luxurious rug pad. It gives you some extra cushioning feel.


This type comes in various densities and thicknesses. They are appreciated for good cushioning, great insulation, and natural grip on the area rug.


Though these types of pads are good for your wallet, they still carry some disadvantages. These PVC pads have volatile organic compounds that tend to release chemicals into the air which has a potential risk to your family.


Dual-layered hybrid rug pads are well-known in the market as they give you both good cushions and excellent grip.

Hope you have received some good answers to your question of why rug pads are important here. No matter what type of floor or rug you have, it is good to have the right pad for better results.