A rug is the most beautiful part of every home; if you have the right rug it will bring life to your room and offer a unique look to your house. When it comes to curating the right rug for a space, many people make the common mistake of picking the wrong size. We always end up buying a rug too small, however finding the right size is easy and simple.

They are available in a multitude of sizes, so how do you know which rug size will fit your room space? There are certain formulas and rules, and this article will help you find and implement those tips in a simple way.

Rug size by room:

Living room

The rug size for your living room is not only based on the shape of the room but also depending on the furniture you’ve placed in the living room. You need to choose a rug that will make the living room feel large and the most important thing is you need to feel connected with it.

In the living room, we can make three types of layouts which are:

  1. All furniture on the rug, or:
  2. Front legs placed on the rug, or:
  3. No furniture on  the rug except the coffee table.

All furniture on the rug:

This type of layout will require a large rug to place all the furniture on the rug, creating a  unified and very defined seating area. This look is suitable for open spaces or larger living rooms with floating furniture.

Choose a rug that starts from 8 x 11 or larger and it should cover all the furniture. But make sure the back of the furniture and edge of the rug should have at least 7 inches.

Front legs placed on the rug

In this layout, only the front legs of the furniture will be placed on the rug and works best when the backsides of your furniture are grouped against the wall or lined with a console. This sort of layout is recommended for smaller living rooms, especially in apartments.

Only a coffee table on the rug

This option is suitable for a smaller space and as stated: only the coffee table is placed on the rug. This will make the room look larger and still anchors the space down.


The rug for your bedroom will provide a soft cushion and it will create a focal point for the room. Here the rug size mainly depends on the layout of the bed and the end tables. It comes with four layouts;

All furniture on

If you have a master bedroom, then choose a rug that provides coverage for the bed and nightstands. You can choose an 8 to 10 feet sized rug which are often the perfect sizes.

Just the bed on

If you are looking for cost-effective smaller rugs, choose a rug that comes at 7 x 10 feet. This layout looks great, and it won’t obscure your beautiful flooring if that’s something you were worried about.

Flanking the bed

This style is one of the most budget-friendly layouts which is when runners are placed on either side of the bed. Choose a runner that comes at a 2 x 6 foot size - when getting in and out of bed you will get a soft underfoot feel. 

The foot of the bed

In this layout, the front of the bed will occupy the rug and add more functionality to the room. While it may not offer the same level of comfort, it still offers style to your bedroom.

Dining room

Here, the rug size should be largely influenced by the shape of the room and dining table. There are three popular layouts for the dining room:

9 x 12 rug

In this layout, you need a larger size so that the rug will occupy the entire dining set. If the dining area is big enough, then you can leave 8 inches of floor exposed around the rug.

8 x 10 rug

This type of rug will create a balance with the size of the table and all the chairs will entirely remain on the rug. It would be better if you leave a minimum of an 8 inch border between the rug and the wall to frame the space.

7 x 10 rug

With this size, the rug will at least occupy the front legs of the chair and the backside of the chair will occupy the floor. You can leave 18 inches of space between the rug and the wall leaving an open space. The best part of this layout is it will allow the chairs to move smoothly over the edge of the rug.

Tips to pick the right rug:

While the above tips have probably clarified the process even better for you, here are a few more additional tips to consider:

  • A very helpful tip before picking a size and purchasing is to use measuring tape and using painters tape, form a rectangle on the floor to get a clear idea of how much space the rug takes up, and arrange your furniture accordingly. This helps the decision making process immensely.
  • Many people prefer a square-shaped rug, however a classic rectangular-shaped rug will be most harmonious with the living, dining, bedroom, or narrow hallway spaces.
  • The lifespan of a rug always depends on how well you maintain it!

When determining the right size, yes, there are certain rules, however we also encourage you to try breaking those rules too. Bring a friend, get a second opinion, even a third opinion. Experiment with layering, and colour matching, or even colour contrasting. Let your rug make a statement!